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Qu’est-ce qu’un auteur?
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Anne Collier 

Slicing up eyeballs

Anne Collier vs Louis Bunuel 

"Mais les anecdotes, les interprétations, les histoires, rien n’apparaît dans cette image. J’aurais pu la faire dimanche dernier ou hier, moi ou quelqu’un d’autre. L’image est là, c’est tout. Une image on y voit ce qu’on veut. Une image c’est ça et le reste."  Agnès Varda, Ulysse, 1982

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum
Let us begin:

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And how we got there, via The London Review of Books:

Sometimes, when we’re putting together an issue of the LRB, we use Lorem Ipsum, a chunk of phoney Latin dummy text that’s been used by printers and typesetters since the 16th century. We paste it into a layout so we can tell what a page will look like before the copy’s ready. The practice is known as ‘greeking’ because the Latin’s so mixed up it’s all Greek.
Only it isn’t. The text itself has been designed not to communicate, to have the look of text but no meaning – but meaning bubbles up through it nonetheless. The 16th-century printer who came up with it got there by mangling Cicero’s ‘De finibus bonorum et malorum’, an exposition of Stoicism, Epicureanism and the Platonism of Antiochus of Ascalon. Though most of the metaphysical subtlety has been wrung out, sense hasn’t completely: the text is haunted, as Derrida might have put it, by the piece of writing it once was…
…Try translating it and you get some striking effects. Of course a straightforward translation isn’t possible – for one thing, ‘lorem’ isn’t a word, it’s a chopped off bit of ‘dolorem’ – but Jaspreet Singh Boparai, a postgraduate at Cambridge, has come up with the following:

For language and design nerds, your translation.
Image: Screenshot, Gangsta Lorem Ipsum.

"Dans un premier temps, la Photographie, pour surprendre, photographie le notable ; mais bientôt, par un renversement connu, elle décrète notable ce qu’elle photographie. Le "n’importe quoi" devient alors le comble sophistiqué de la valeur."
Roland Barthes, La Chambre claire, 1980